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There are different ways to successfully take action. For example, some people run a marathon and are sponsored per km. Others are organizing a party or bike ride. The possibilities are endless. Give your creativity the space, there is always an activity that suits you best. Instead of a sponsor action you can also do fundraising. For example, an auction, benefit concert or golf tournament.

Tips for a successful action:

Personalize your action page

Tell your personal story: Why do you take part at this and why it's good to donate.

Add photos and movie

With a photo or movie you say more than a 1000 words. And it gives you action page a personal touch.

Tell everyone about your action page

Ask your family and friends personally to make a donation. As a result, there are already a number of donations on your action pages when other people go to your action page. Also check donors often to the height of other donations. So make sure you start with a few large donations!

Personalize your email

Make sure that your text fits the people you email. Don't forget to send a link to your action page!


Care for publicity around your action page. Think of posters that you can hang or you can share. Or place a link to your event page on the website of your company and/or your school!

Approach local media

With a free message in the local newspaper or on local radio to reach a new audience and so potential new donors. 

Place a link in all your outgoing mails

Use all your outgoing mails to spread your message. For example, by default, add a link to your event page. This allows more visitors and potentially more donors. Certainly if the information on your event page is up to date.

Keep your action page up to date

Check in regularly on your own action page and comment on submitted 'post'. Find out how it goes and what your next steps are. As visitors and fans see that you are enthusiastic, they are also enthusiastic.

Send a reminder e-mail

Usually you need to sent more than one email to persuade people. And very important: Thank everyone personally who supports you with a donation. You can then immediately ask if they want to send your action page to friends and family.

Raise money after your action is finished

20% of donations comes in after the action is completed. Choose an end date (if possible) so a week after you have completed your action. Completing your action is also another good contact time for people to make a donation.