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Rules & Regulations Climbing against MS 2018

Upon registration, the participant declares he agrees to the rules and regulations below. By participating, the participant declares to have been informed about these rules and regulations; should the participant fail to comply with these terms and conditions, he may be excluded from the event by the organisation. The term “he” refers to both “he” and “she”. 

01 - General

  1. Climbing against MS is not a competition or non-competitive ride. The main goal of this event is to climb the Mont Ventoux by bike, while running/walking or with other materials required for the climb, and to raise as much money as possible to fight MS.
  2. Participants strive to climb the mountain in one go or in several times. A maximum of 4 climbs is registered for each participant.
  3. We expect the participants to make a substantial effort and raise at least € 500.
  4. You are able to participate in teams; the amount of €500 should then be multiplied by the number of participants in the team.
  5. The organisation reserves the right to exclude participants from participating in the event, if they fail to raise the minimum amount of sponsor funds, and if they are unable to demonstrate that they have made a substantial effort. Registration fees and any raised sponsor monies are not refunded.

02 - Registration

  1. Participants will climb the Mont Ventoux by bike, while running/walking or with other materials required for the climb. If participants plan on using materials other than bicycles, they should inform the organisation about this in advance.
  2. Participants under the age of 16 are not allowed to climb the Mont Ventoux by bike.
  3. Your registration is final as soon as (a) the registration fee of € 50 per person has been paid (b) and the medical condition of the participant has been approved of. The participant is obliged to truthfully complete a medical questionnaire. Once they have reviewed the questionnaire, the doctors working for the organisation may require the participant to undergo a medical examination, if they are not completely sure about the medical condition of the prospective participant. The costs for this examination will be borne by the prospective participant. Based on the examination, the prospective participant may either be able to participate or may be excluded from participation.
  4. The registration fee amounts to € 50 per person. The registration fees do not cover the costs for clothing.
  5. Participants agree that photos, pictures and video material made in connection with their participation in the event  may be broadcasted and published on TV, the radio, in print, books, photo copies etc. for the organization’s promotional purposes of Stichting Klimmen tegen MS, and that they will not be able to claim a compensation for this. This is also the case for possible use of photos, pictures and video material made in connection with their participation in the event for Climbing against MS related promotional purposes of MS related organizations, including but not limited to Stichting MS Research, MS Vereniging Nederland and/or our shirt sponsors.
  6. The registration fees will not be refunded, if participants, irrespective of their reasons, are not able to participate in the event or have to deregister. Any donations made by them will not be refunded.
  7. Within two weeks following their registration, the participants must confirm their registration by transferring the registration fee to a bank account specified by the  organisation.

03 - Participants under 18 years of age

  1. Under “participants under 18 years of age”, we mean participants who are under 18 years old on the 10th of June 2018.
  2. Take part under the responsibility of their parents and/or care rand the written approval of their parents and/or caregiver. As a result, they must complete the “Toestemmingsverklaring”. This can be found on the website.
  3. Participate under a supervisor of an adult during the entire event.
  4. The participant as well as the supervisor must be registered as a participant and must comply all conditions in this regulation form.
  5. Participants under 16 years of age can only be admitted as a walker.

04- Participation ‘Climbing against MS’ June 10th 2018

  1. Only registered participants are able to participate in the event ‘Climbing against MS’. It is compulsory for them to wear a number on their back or front.
  2. By accepting their number, the participants declare that they dispose of sound material for completing their climb, for which they are responsible.

05 - ‘Climbing against MS’ clothing

  1. The fact that all participants wear the same clothing forms an important part of the event’s identity. The participants are obliged to wear the ‘Climbing against MS’ clothes during the climbs.
  2. The clothes will be given to them during the final participants’ meeting or will be sent, if possible, to the participants by the supplier.
  3. The organisation will not send the clothes to the participants or take the clothes along to France.

06 - Route

  1. The route is a track open to the public.
  2. Participants should remain on their side of the road (right side of the road)
  3. Participants must follow the instructions of the ‘Climbing against MS’ volunteers.
  4. Participants should behave like all other road users and will not occupy any special position. The applicable French traffic rules are in force (see § 7.).
  5. Participants will respect other road users, nature and environment. They will not throw any litter on the road, but will keep it with them and deposit it in a wastebasket or container. Participants are not allowed to destroy or cover any government property or other property.
  6. The use of following cars is not allowed. Participants will be able to receive medical care at car parks designated by the organisation and are not allowed to impede other traffic in any way.

07 - Safety

  1. Participants will be responsible for their own safety and the safety of other road users; the organisation relies on the participants’ common sense.
  2. Participants climbing the mountain by bike are obliged to wear a crash helmet during both the ascent and descent.
  3. Descending at a speed of more than 50 km/hour is regarded as irresponsible behaviour.
  4. Participants must be adequately insured for any damage to others and/or properties of others. We recommend the participants take out a personal liability insurance.

08 – Instructions and failure to comply

  1. Participants are obliged to promptly comply with any instructions by the police or the organisation.
  2. All French traffic rules are in force and must be respected at all times. The police will enforce criminal law on any participants endangering the safety of other road users and will perform checks.
  3. Participants may be excluded from any further participation, if they fail to comply with the traffic rules or fail to follow the instructions of the police or the organisation.

09 – Liability of the organisation

  1. The organisation is not in any way liable for accidents or damage, nor for loss and/or theft of personal property with respect to the participants and their supporters.
  2. The organisation is not liable for any damage (injury or damage to materials) suffered by the participants, nor liable for damage (injury or damage to materials) caused by or inflicted by the participants to thirds or other participants.
  3. The organisation does not accept any responsibility, if the event were to be cancelled or postponed due to force majeure.